Our updated website is live - but not all the posts... yet

So we have a new website. Well, the look and the feel is very, very similar to the old one and I have Todd Pitcher at Semibold and Andy Dodds to thank for that excellent work. Both are superb at what they do and I highly recommend them if you (respectively) need a new website or graphic design and branding work done for you.

We have moved it to a new hosting and editing environment because we were getting frustrated with the WordPress ecosystem and I have also just been informed that we were being hammered by brute force robot hackers over the last few months. No-one breached the server and not quite sure what they expect to find as there is nothing worth hacking - no client data on the website server at all and not such a complex website that I couldn't recreate it in a few days if everything was deleted (like I have just done voluntarily)... Now, if they found a way to hack our brains then that would be a different matter because that's where the value of our business really exists!

On a serious note though, this is why even small businesses need cyber insurance. I say it wouldn't affect me much, but what if they took control of the website in the midst of a period of major upheaval and change in the business. Would I be grateful for a friendly insurance company help me and dig me out of a hole. Yes...Yes I would...!

Case in point... I read on the BBC News website today that Gloucester city council has spent nearly £1m on fighting a hack from suspected Russian actors. Don't leave it too late for your organisation. Get in touch if you want to learn more about cyber insurance and what it might cost you (for small businesses it is not a lot at the time of writing).

Finally... one part of the old site we were not able to transfer across in a publishable format is the blog which contained over 200 posts. They will be republished and it gives me an opportunity to revisit and update each and every post published over the last couple of years. God willing, I will try and republish one a day.

Tom Jolly