Quote Me

Coming soon...!
Quote Me will be a unique online platform that will allow you to securely share with us the material information we typically need to source insurance quotes from insurers for certain types of standardised package insurance products that small businesses and individuals typically rely on nowadays.

It will not be a 'Quote and Buy' platform as you won't get a quote delivered on the platform immediately that can be bought at the click of a button. However it can be viewed as a 'Quote Request and Insurance Information Submission' platform.

Because we provide an advised broker service, one of our team will still pick up your online quote request and deal with it as if you had phoned in the risk details or filled out a fact find questionnaire / proposal form by hand and returned it in the post. It's just that this platform will make that whole process more thorough, convenient and informative for you than it typically is online.

[A note about us being an advised broker service... the opposite is a non-advised brokerage service (which we are not) where the onus is very much on you as the insured to pick the right insurance product and declare the right information on the insurance company's platform. Most insurance quote platforms that offer quotes and the ability to buy online (often where there is no need to speak to anyone at all) fall into this category. The risk of taking this approach to buying business and personal insurance is that if you get something wrong and the policy doesn't pay out in the event of a claim, you typically cannot seek compensation from the broker or insurer for getting it wrong... it is typically entirely your responsibility and we don't believe many people realise this. The quid pro quo is that these non-advised products tend to be a little cheaper than an insurance policy bought from a broker like Sirelark Risk Services.]

However, as we do provide an advised broker service, it means we will thoroughly check the information submitted by you (whether on our website, in person, or by email or phone) before reviewing and researching the options available. We will then recommend the solution we believe suits you best (i.e. meets your demands and needs as you have communicated them to us) and then prepare and issue your insurance quote with care and attention to detail.  Our planned online Quote Request and Information Submission platform will be thorough, easy to use and provide clear guidance each step of the way that will add an valuable alternative route to the insurance market for many of our customers.

In the meantime however if you have a quote request please either call us or use the form below.